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    Los Angeles, California

    What We Do
     Local 630 has been fighting for working class families for more than 80 years. We stand up for our members in the  workplace, legislative, political, and social landscapes.

    Who We Are
    Our staff is made up of hard working men and women who know workers rights. Our E-Board are members from our very own industries we represent, providing experience and knowledge needed for standing up to employers.

    Who We Represent
    We represent workers in various industries from clerical, warehouse, professional drivers, food service, liquor, food processing, dairy and more!
    TEAMSTERS SAY NO to Prop 22

    Why are Uber and Lyft spending $200 million to pass Prop 22? With mail ballots coming soon, we want to make sure you know the real story behind Prop 22. You know what Prop 22 would do? It would exempt Uber, Lyft, and other app companies from providing basic rights and protections to their workers. We’re talking about things like a minimum wage, paid sick leave, workers’ compensation or unemployment benefits. It also gives these multi-billion-dollar gig corporations a free pass from contributing to safety net programs we all need like Social Security and Medicare. Prop 22 was written for app companies, by app companies — NOT for workers and our families. Let’s just be honest. These mega-corporations are trying to buy an election so they can cheat their workers and all of us as taxpayers even as they line their own pockets with skyrocketing profits. Prop 22 makes the wealthy CEOs of these companies even richer at our expense. Learn more about NO on Prop 22 and Join the Fight Today! The stakes are incredibly high. Prop 22 hurts gig workers, small businesses, and threatens good, middle-class jobs. If these companies succeed in buying this election, their low-pay, no-protection business model will expand in virtually every industry, leading to unprecedented job loss and a race to the bottom. Almost every job in California could become a gig. NO on Prop 22 will hold app-based companies accountable and will guarantee millions of workers receive basic labor protections, including: • A Minimum Wage • Health insurance • Workers’ Compensation • Paid Sick Leave • Unemployment Insurance • Legal protection from discrimination and sexual harassment • Access to COVID-19 Safety Equipment and PPE • The Right to Join or Form a Union That’s why Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta all say NO on Prop 22. Stand with Workers! Pledge to Vote NO on Prop 22 With Uber and Lyft spending the most money in election history, we have one major thing we can always depend on, something that big corporations do not have, and that is PEOPLE POWER! Stay safe, stay well and vote NO on Prop 22!
    Download: Teamsters JC42 No on Prop 22.pdf

    Strike for Black Lives Car Caravan

    #Teamsters are standing with workers and social justice groups across the country on July 20 to #StrikeForBlackLives. Amid a global pandemic and unprecedented protests to defend Black lives, tens of thousands of workers are engaging in a national day of action to illustrate how the fights for economic justice and racial justice are interconnected. Strike for Black Lives Car Caravan Monday, July 20, 2020 • 11:00 AM Parking Lot at 5080 5080 Obama Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016 #BlackLivesMatter #solidarity #teamsters630 #1u

    Valley Caravan for Justice

    LA Labor came out in full-force in support of our 630 sisters & brothers at Valley Produce in a caravan for justice rally. Big S/O to Senator Maria Elena Durazo, Congressman Jimmy Gomez, Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, LA FED President Ron Herrera, UFCW 770, IATSI, UNITE HERE, IBT Local 911, IBT Local 848, IBT Local 572, IBT Local 542, IBT Local 952, IBT Local 986, IBT Local 396 and all the brave members of Valley produce! We won’t stop until Valley Produce workers receive a fair contract!
    Download: valley on strike.pdf

    California Dairies
    Marcelo De La Torre
    Labor Day Rally for justice 2019
    Senator Kamala Harris, 630 President - Frank Afoa and Secretary-Treasurer Lou Villalvazo
    Valley produce rally for justice
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    Secretary-Treasurer Lou Villalvazo
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